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Ever wonder what those two letters at the end of a domain name mean? or ever wanted to know where the files you are reading came from? Wonder no more, here is a list with all the meanings I could find. Of course if you are calling from or know of a country that is not listed here or that is listed incorrectly, please send me an e-mail, I will really appreciate any help.

In the United States, there isn't any pair of letters indicating the country of the server. If you come across one of these sites, where there's nothing after the three letters indicating the type of office supporting the server (gov, edu, org, int, net, com, mil), you can be sure it is in the United States, even if it has information about italian food or african museums (at least is what I thought when I began this page, until today I have found several places in the Unites States of America with the acronym US, but I am leaving the paragraph above for historical pourpose). By the way, the meaning of those three letters acronyms are:

The following list is based in a file obtained by anonymous ftp from in the connectivity_table directory. Other place to look for it is inside Internet Society/charts2/connectivity. The original file has some other comments.

There is a connectivity map in the same places mentioned before.
Bigger connectivity map V.13Connectivity Map 25.3KB
Version 13 - February 15, 1995



Col. 2 (Entities with international BITNET links.)
b: minimal, one to five domestic BITNET sites, 21 entities
B: widespread, more than five domestic BITNET sites, 27 entities

Col. 3 (Entities with international IP Internet links.)
I: = operational, accessible from entire open IP Internet, 86 entities

Col. 4 (Entities with domestic UUCP sites which are connected to the Global Multiprotocol Open Internet.)
u: minimal, one to five domestic UUCP sites, 61 entities
U: widespread, more than five domestic UUCP sites, 80 entities

Col. 5 (Entities with domestic FIDONET sites which are connected to the Global Multiprotocol Open Internet)
f: minimal, one to five domestic FIDONET sites, 29 entities
F: widespread, more than five domestic FIDONET sites, 69 entities

An entity is a geographical area that has an ISO two letter country code (ISO 3166). These country codes are included in the Table below for each entity (Cols 8-9). Note that the ISO codes do not always agree with the top level DNS (Domain Name) code(s) used for a particular entity.

Haiti's u entry is based on a ccmail email link. Restricted access or dial-up IP links exist to Lebanon, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, and Niger. These are not included in the table.

 ----  AF	Afghanistan (Islamic Republic of)
 ----  AL	Albania (Republic of)
 -I--  DZ	Algeria (People's Democratic Republic of)
 ----  AS	American Samoa
 ----  AD	Andorra (Principality of)
 ---f  AO	Angola (People's Republic of)
 ----  AI	Anguilla
 -I--  AQ	Antarctica
 --u-  AG	Antigua and Barbuda
 BIUF  AR	Argentina (Argentine Republic)
 -IU-  AM	Armenia
 ---f  AW	Aruba
 -IUF  AU	Australia
 BIUF  AT	Austria (Republic of)
 b-U-  AZ	Azerbaijan
 --u-  BS	Bahamas (Commonwealth of the)
 b---  BH	Bahrain (State of)
 --U-  BD	Bangladesh (People's Republic of)
 -Iu-  BB	Barbados
 bIUF  BY	Belarus
 BIUF  BE	Belgium (Kingdom of)
 --U-  BZ	Belize
 ----  BJ	Benin (People's Republic of)
 -IUF  BM	Bermuda
 ----  BT	Bhutan (Kingdom of)
 --UF  BO	Bolivia (Republic of)
 --u-  BA	Bosnia-Herzegovina
 --uf  BW	Botswana (Republic of)
 ----  BV	Bouvet Island
 BIUF  BR	Brazil (Federative Republic of)
 ----  IO	British Indian Ocean Territory
 ----  BN	Brunei Darussalam
 bIUF  BG	Bulgaria (Republic of)
 --U-  BF	Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta)
 ----  BI	Burundi (Republic of)
 ----  KH	Cambodia
 --Uf  CM	Cameroon (Republic of)
 BIUF  CA	Canada
 ----  CV	Cape Verde (Republic of)
 ----  KY	Cayman Islands
 ----  CF	Central African Republic
 ----  TD	Chad (Republic of)
 BIUF  CL	Chile (Republic of)
 -IuF  CN	China (People's Republic of)
 ----  CX	Christmas Island (Indian Ocean)
 ----  CC	Cocos (Keeling) Islands
 bIu-  CO	Colombia (Republic of)
 ----  KM	Comoros (Islamic Federal Republic of the)
 --U-  CG	Congo (Republic of the)
 --u-  CK	Cook Islands
 -Iuf  CR	Costa Rica (Republic of)
 --Uf  CI	Cote d'Ivoire (Republic of)
 -IuF  HR	Croatia
 --U-  CU	Cuba (Republic of)
 bI-f  CY	Cyprus (Republic of)
 bIUF  CZ	Czech Republic
 bIUF  DK	Denmark (Kingdom of)
 ----  DJ	Djibouti (Republic of)
 ----  DM	Dominica (Commonwealth of)
 --Uf  DO	Dominican Republic
 ----  TP	East Timor
 -Iu-  EC	Ecuador (Republic of)
 bIU-  EG	Egypt (Arab Republic of)
 --u-  SV	El Salvador (Republic of)
 ----  GQ	Equatorial Guinea (Republic of)
 ---f  ER	Eritrea
 -IUF  EE	Estonia (Republic of)
 ---f  ET	Ethiopia (People's Democratic Republic of)
 ----  FK	Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
 -Iu-  FO	Faroe Islands
 -Iu-  FJ	Fiji (Republic of)
 BIUF  FI	Finland (Republic of)
 bIUF  FR	France (French Republic)
 --u-  GF	French Guiana
 --u-  PF	French Polynesia
 ----  TF	French Southern Territories
 ----  GA	Gabon (Gabonese Republic)
 ---f  GM	Gambia (Republic of the)
 --UF  GE	Georgia (Republic of)
 BIUF  DE	Germany (Federal Republic of)
 --uF  GH	Ghana (Republic of)
 ----  GI	Gibraltar
 BIUF  GR	Greece (Hellenic Republic)
 -I-f  GL	Greenland
 --u-  GD	Grenada
 b-uf  GP	Guadeloupe (French Department of)
 -I-F  GU	Guam
 --u-  GT	Guatemala (Republic of)
 --u-  GN	Guinea (Republic of)
 ----  GW	Guinea-Bissau (Republic of)
 --u-  GY	Guyana (Republic of)
 --u-  HT	Haiti (Republic of)
 ----  HM	Heard and McDonald Islands
 ----  HN	Honduras (Republic of)
 BI-F  HK	Hong Kong
 BIUF  HU	Hungary (Republic of)
 -IUF  IS	Iceland (Republic of)
 bIUF  IN	India (Republic of)
 -IUF  ID	Indonesia (Republic of)
 bI--  IR	Iran (Islamic Republic of)
 ----  IQ	Iraq (Republic of)
 BIUF  IE	Ireland
 BIUF  IL	Israel (State of)
 BIUF  IT	Italy (Italian Republic)
 -Iu-  JM	Jamaica
 BIUF  JP	Japan
 ---f  JO	Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of)
 -IUF  KZ	Kazakhstan
 ---F  KE	Kenya (Republic of)
 --u-  KI	Kiribati (Republic of)
 ----  KP	Korea (Democratic People's Republic of)
 BIUF  KR	Korea (Republic of)
 -I--  KW	Kuwait (State of)
 --U-  KG	Kyrgyz Republic
 ----  LA	Lao People's Democratic Republic
 -IUF  LV	Latvia (Republic of)
 --U-  LB	Lebanon (Lebanese Republic)
 --u-  LS	Lesotho (Kingdom of)
 ----  LR	Liberia (Republic of)
 ----  LY	Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
 -I-F  LI	Liechtenstein (Principality of)
 -IUF  LT	Lithuania
 bIUF  LU	Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of)
 -I-F  MO	Macau (Ao-me'n)
 --u-  MK	Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of)
 --U-  MG	Madagascar (Democratic Republic of)
 ---f  MW	Malawi (Republic of)
 bIUF  MY	Malaysia
 ----  MV	Maldives (Republic of)
 --U-  ML	Mali (Republic of)
 --u-  MT	Malta (Republic of)
 --u-  MH	Marshall Islands (Republic of the)
 ----  MQ	Martinique (French Department of)
 ----  MR	Mauritania (Islamic Republic of)
 --uf  MU	Mauritius
 ----  YT	Mayotte
 BIuF  MX	Mexico (United Mexican States)
 ----  FM	Micronesia (Federated States of)
 -IuF  MD	Moldova (Republic of)
 -I--  MC	Monaco (Principality of)
 ----  MN	Mongolia
 ----  MS	Montserrat
 --Uf  MA	Morocco (Kingdom of)
 --Uf  MZ	Mozambique (People's Republic of)
 ----  MM	Myanmar (Union of)
 --U-  NA	Namibia (Republic of)
 --u-  NR	Nauru (Republic of)
 --u-  NP	Nepal (Kingdom of)
 BIUF  NL	Netherlands (Kingdom of the)
 --u-  AN	Netherlands Antilles
 ----  NT	Neutral Zone (between Saudi Arabia and Iraq)
 --U-  NC	New Caledonia
 -IUF  NZ	New Zealand
 -Iu-  NI	Nicaragua (Republic of)
 --U-  NE	Niger (Republic of the)
 --Uf  NG	Nigeria (Federal Republic of)
 --u-  NU	Niue
 ----  NF	Norfolk Island
 ----  MP	Northern Mariana Islands (Commonwealth of the)
 bIUF  NO	Norway (Kingdom of)
 ----  OM	Oman (Sultanate of)
 --U-  PK	Pakistan (Islamic Republic of)
 ----  PW	Palau (Republic of)
 -IuF  PA	Panama (Republic of)
 --u-  PG	Papua New Guinea
 --u-  PY	Paraguay (Republic of)
 -IUf  PE	Peru (Republic of)
 -IuF  PH	Philippines (Republic of the)
 ----  PN	Pitcairn
 BIUF  PL	Poland (Republic of)
 bIUF  PT	Portugal (Portuguese Republic)
 bIUF  PR	Puerto Rico
 ----  QA	Qatar (State of)
 -Iu-  RE	Re'union (French Department of)
 BIuF  RO	Romania
 bIUF  RU	Russian Federation
 ----  RW	Rwanda (Rwandese Republic)
 ----  SH	Saint Helena
 ----  KN	Saint Kitts and Nevis
 --u-  LC	Saint Lucia
 ----  PM	Saint Pierre and Miquelon (French Department of)
 --u-  VC	Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
 --u-  WS	Samoa (Independent State of)
 ----  SM	San Marino (Republic of)
 ----  ST	Sao Tome and Principe (Democratic Republic of)
 B---  SA	Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of)
 --Uf  SN	Senegal (Republic of)
 --u-  SC	Seychelles (Republic of)
 ----  SL	Sierra Leone (Republic of)
 bIuF  SG	Singapore (Republic of)
 -IUF  SK	Slovakia
 -IUF  SI	Slovenia
 --u-  SB	Solomon Islands
 ----  SO	Somalia (Somali Democratic Republic)
 -IUF  ZA	South Africa (Republic of)
 BIUF  ES	Spain (Kingdom of)
 --U-  LK	Sri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of)
 ----  SD	Sudan (Democratic Republic of the)
 --u-  SR	Suriname (Republic of)
 -I--  SJ	Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
 --u-  SZ	Swaziland (Kingdom of)
 BIUF  SE	Sweden (Kingdom of)
 BIUF  CH	Switzerland (Swiss Confederation)
 ----  SY	Syria (Syrian Arab Republic)
 BIuF  TW	Taiwan, Province of China
 --uf  TJ	Tajikistan
 ---f  TZ	Tanzania (United Republic of)
 -IUF  TH	Thailand (Kingdom of)
 --u-  TG	Togo (Togolese Republic)
 ----  TK	Tokelau
 --u-  TO	Tonga (Kingdom of)
 --u-  TT	Trinidad and Tobago (Republic of)
 -IUf  TN	Tunisia
 BI-F  TR	Turkey (Republic of)
 --u-  TM	Turkmenistan
 ----  TC	Turks and Caicos Islands
 --u-  TV	Tuvalu
 ---f  UG	Uganda (Republic of)
 -IUF  UA	Ukraine
 ----  AE	United Arab Emirates
 bIUF  GB	United Kingdom (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
 BIUF  US	United States (United States of America)
 ----  UM	United States Minor Outlying Islands
 -IUF  UY	Uruguay (Eastern Republic of)
 --UF  UZ	Uzbekistan
 --u-  VU	Vanuatu (Republic of, formerly New Hebrides)
 ----  VA	Vatican City State (Holy See)
 -IUF  VE	Venezuela (Republic of)
 --U-  VN	Vietnam (Socialist Republic of)
 ----  VG	Virgin Islands (British)
 ---f  VI	Virgin Islands (U.S.)
 ----  WF	Wallis and Futuna Islands
 ----  EH	Western Sahara
 ----  YE	Yemen (Republic of)
 --uf  YU	Yugoslavia (Socialist Federal Republic of)
 ----  ZR	Zaire (Republic of)
 -I-f  ZM	Zambia (Republic of)
 --uf  ZW	Zimbabwe (Republic of)

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