On November 27th, 1988 the historic, touristic and friendly city of Coro, which in other times was the political and religious capital of Venezuela, was the silent witness of the foundation of the first plastic arts museum in the province of the country. Since then, the Art Museum of Coro has maintained a successful activity centered in an extensive exhibition program of national, as well as international, artists and events of great significance, which so far have been considerably multiplied, until giving back the dynamic spirit of the everlasting Marian city, which is characterized as the center and axis of the cultural Venezuelan patrimony.

An art museum in a city such as Coro is an initiative which does not require any justifications. However, the creation of the Art Museum of Coro has very particular aspects which respond to cultural and educational needs from that important region of the country.

Installed at the former residence of the Senior, it is considered, because of its architectural value, as one of the most valuable monuments of the city. The Art Museum of Coro was created by means of the signature of an agreement between the Francisco de Miranda University, the Banco Hipotecario de Falcon, today Banco Profesional, C.A. and the Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas Sofia Imber, institution which set the museistic and museographic concepts of the MAC. In this sense, as expressed in the opening in 1988 by its founder and director Sofia Imber, the Art Museum of Coro was created to work as a social communication means which promotes, teaches and spreads the art of all times among the inhabitants of the center-occidental zone of the country, from the popular to the contemporary manifestations including design, photography and video.

As it is done in its main headquarters, the MACCSI has been very determined in planning and producing great quality exhibitions for the MAC. This count with an extensive didactic program that includes guided visits for students and the general public, a library service which possess numerous art titles, catalogs edited by the MACCSI, study guides, and in the Braille system, magazines and hemerographic documentation; video projection and audio-visuals, attention to people with special needs (even for blind people), papers and conferences organization, concerts and literature, music appreciation, plastic and theater workshops.

Since the first exhibition at the Art Museum of Coro, with the title "Un recorrido por el arte moderno: de Monet a Soto" ("A journey through modern art: from Monet to Soto"), and carried out with a selection of works from the permanent collection of the MACCSI, the most representative contemporary artists from all the times have been present at the MAC. Picasso, Chagall, Leger, Rodin, Miro, Monet, Zitman, Otero, Soto, Botero, Reveron y Michelena, among others, are part of the extensive expositive activity that form the six years of uninterrupted labor accomplished from the spaces of this museum, with which the educative activity has been (dynamized), collaborating this way with the cultural decentralization process.

Dra. Dora Lugo

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