The Art Museum of Coro has its seat in the famous house of the Senior or "Balcon Bolivar" ("Bolivar balcony") as it is know today. Located at the historical part of Coro, at Paseo Talavera, this huge house was built in 1759 by Mayor Alfonso Gil de Reinoso and in 1986 was declared a national monument, because of its historical and artistic value. It is considered one of the most representative models of nobiliary housings which samples the Nordic-Antillian influence in Coro.

More than 400 square meters (4,305 sq. feet) conform the area of this museum, in which the most fitfull ways to integrating the training of arts to scholar practice, becoming the ideal center for such purpose. This by means of communicating the most complete and rigorous information possible, and educating the public in an integral way by stimulating its creativity, its personal criteria and its capacity of observation, analysis and synthesis. This promotes a humanistic vision able to moderate the dehumanization brought by a materialistic and consumist society. In this way the MAC has accomplished, in a five year timespan, to bring many rural school students, from grammar schools, and from institutions further than the limits of the Falcon state capital, with which it maintains a stable and continous relationship.

The Coro Art Museum has widened the cultural and recreational possibilities in an ample geographic zone, excelled in tourism and shows great social and economic possibilities in this period of fruitful activity. It has awakened the interest of national institutions and of the Falcon state, among which we must mention the Banco Profesional C.A, which with its support reasserts its intent of financing this and other places of public benefit in this state. We must also mention the University Francisco de Miranda, Gobernacion of the Falcon State, the Armed and Police Forces, the media and also the support of the illustrious prelates Monseigneur José Francisco Iturriza and Monseigneur Ovidio Pérez Morales.

Five years after its foundation, the words spoken by its founder and director Sofia Imber in its inaugural exposition still prevail : "For us, this new stage of work in a city as Coro, is an exceptional event because it is a special city, the one of largest historical and cultural traditions in the country, the first city founded on terra firma. The Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas extends its presence through the Coro Art Museum, and more than a colaboration between institutions, it will be a continuation of our work and an expression of love for the arts and for Venezuela.

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